Electricity from renewables
and hydrogen instead of gas

We accept natural gas as part of the energy mix. We agree with the vision of hydrogen as an alternative energy carrier. We want to store it in the future and are already making the relevant preparations today.

More about our plans

Our plans for a hydrogen future

There is more and more talk about hydrogen as a medium for the storage of energy which can become a sustainable alternative to today’s sources in the future. We agree, and believe that the importance of hydrogen and other ‘alternative’ gases like biogas will grow. And we want to be ready.

What we’re already working on

  • We are focusing on ‘green hydrogen’ produced through electrolysis from surplus electricity generation – in particular from wind and solar power plants

  • We are assessing what will need to be done to ensure that our underground gas storage facility can work with a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen in concentrations of over 5%

Who is helping us in these efforts

The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences
In cooperation with the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and the Czech Academy of Sciences, we are investigating the mutual interactions between hydrogen and the steel materials, operating fluids and chemicals we use for the operation of our underground storage facility.

Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Energieträger, Mobilität & Kohlenstoffkreisläufe e.V. is a German non-profit organisation that focuses on research into sustainable technology options. With our sister company MND Energy Storage a.s., it is investigating the influence of hydrogen on equipment in underground wells, which is a specific area separate from the mentioned interactions with materials used in equipment on the surface.