Firm storage bundles

The “firm storage bundle” combines the capacities working gas volume, injection and withdrawal capacity in a fixed ratio. This product is negotiated on bilateral basis or offered in auction.

Interruptible unbundled storage capacities

Interruptible Day-ahead/Intraday Injection/Withdrawal Capacity

This is an additional injection or withdrawal capacity in MWh/day for existing storage users on an interruptible basis, which can be purchased independently on the storage contract parameters in effect. This product is available upon request (Contact List) according to valid Price List.

Early Injection

An optimization product for new customers whose storage contract is about to become valid in near future on the basis of Temporary Working Gas Volume combined with Firm/Interruptible Injection output. In case of interest, the customer shall contact Sales Department. Based on negotiations the customer is given agreed TWGV and injection rate. The price is set basen on a Pay as Used basis. With the termination of the Early Injection Contract, all of the injected gas is transferred to the storage customer’s account free of charge. No withdrawal nominations can be submitted based on this contract. In case of need, the injection nomination can be increased via permanently available fixed/interruptible daily withdrawal and injection capacities.